​​Experience ​​
With throughly trained and licensed home health aides and certified nursing assistants with years of training  and working with many patients/clients with a wide range of needs, disabilitites and diagnosis. with annual certification renewals. Monthly supervision and quartely performance reviews our staff are consistently furthering their expertise and expanding their knowledge within the field to continue providing the execptional care and perform at the highest level possible they are forever growing to meet the new and forever changing demands of today.With over 8 years in the healthcare industry and caring for people with a diverse range of needs, disabilites and level of care. Care and Compassion First was founded and based on providing quality care to everyone regardless of financial status,  needs or condition. we seen the lack of quality and time that was given to our patients and sought to make a difference, we dedicate our time and give all our attention to the ones we care for, we work closely with our patients family and friends to ensure the best care possible, we will never turn away anyone never have never will!
​  Companioship
We all know that their is no greater feeling than having companionship, Yes we have all heard companies say they do this and that but dont meet expectations, So we have decided to give you a real look into what we are geniuniely and truly are about. With real pictures of us interacting with clients and facility owners, along with 24hour  7 days a week reachable staff. Yes 24/7 no time is to late, don't hesitate to call! We answer! We not only provide provide quality service but we build a long lasting relationship between our clients and their family and friends, even after services has ended. We commit ourselves to everything we do and generate the natural quality and gentle affectioness that life truly offers. Your more than just a customer but you are family. We even call are parents Mom and Dad! For us its our way off connecting and leaving a lifelong impact, on everyone we meet. Their is no better way to show you why we are embarking on a new era of healthcare, than to continue to provide you with free placement services, free nurse assessments, and most of all free love based of Care and Compassion First!
Care and Compassion First believes that everyone should be treated the same regardless of financial status, income,  health conditions. everyone is entitlted to help and everyone should receive the ame treatment. we believe that all people are truly equal and at some point in life will need  some form of placement, companionship or just a friend,someone to listen to help to treat your family like our family. we  believe without care and compassion nothing else can exist.
Our Skills
Putting you first